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Injuries caused by the negligence of someone else give you a right to recover monetary damages to compensate you for your losses. However, if you or a loved one has suffered an injury, you likely know that money alone often cannot fully compensate for personal injury losses. Be that as it may, money is the only legal remedy available in these difficult situations and you should receive monetary damages for your loss. Beaumont wrongful death lawyers are experienced in assessing monetary awards and know what type of a settlement or award you might be able to expect from your claim.

When determining the value of a Beaumont fatality case, you must first consider the type and degree of loss or injury involved. The most severe loss is death, and there is a body of law dealing specifically with death. If your loved one has been involved in a tragic accident and died as a result, contact one of the Beaumont wrongful death attorneys listed on this site to discuss your options.

Beaumont Wrongful Death Lawyer

The Texas wrongful death statute is found at:



The following persons qualify to file a wrongful death claim:

  1. Spouses (Ceremonial or Common Law);
  2. Children (Natural and adopted);
  3. Parents; and
  4. Estate - Under the Texas Survival Statutes, the Estate's claim is for:
  • Medical expenses incurred prior to death;
  • Funeral expenses;
  • Damages for conscious pain and suffering just prior to death; and
  • In some instances, punitive damages or exemplary damages

The following persons do not qualify to file a wrongful death action under Texas law:

  1. Siblings
  2. Grandparents
  3. Persons who qualify in loco parentis

What Are the Types of Damages Available When Someone is Killed Through Negligence?

  • Mental Anguish
  • Loss of Companionship
  • Pecuniary Losses (Economic Losses)
    • Loss of inheritance
    • Loss of consortium and household services
  • Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress or Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress In some cases, Beaumont families may be put through severe emotional trauma and anguish due to the negligence, recklessness, or intentional wrongdoing of another party. When this occurs, a Beaumont personal injury attorney can help them pursue a claim for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress or Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Beaumont Resources for When a Loved One Dies

After a loved one has died, the last thing on your mind should be a difficult legal battle or lawsuit. However, if the death was due to negligence, recklessness, or malicious conduct, you may feel it is your duty to take legal action. In such cases, Beaumont wrongful death attorneys can help you prepare your lawsuit by arranging crucial witnesses, documentation, and evidence to present a strong case on behalf of your deceased family member. After a death, you may also find yourself in charge of preparing funeral arrangements and feel overwhelmed by small details in the face of such a traumatic experience. The following resources for funeral homes and florists may be helpful as you and your family prepare to bid your loved one farewell.

Funeral Homes in the Beaumont area:

Broussard's Mortuary
2000 Mcfaddin Street, Beaumont, TX 77701
(409) 832-1621

Claybar Funeral Home
1155 North 11th Street, Beaumont, TX 77702
(409) 892-3456

Mercy Funeral Home
1395 Gladys Street, Beaumont, TX 77701
(409) 833-8656

Proctor's Mortuary
3522 Washington Boulevard, Beaumont, TX 77705
(409) 840-2022

Comeaux Community Funeral Chapel
624 Irma Street, Beaumont, TX 77701
(409) 838-6597

Calvary Mortuary
1225 South 7th Street, Beaumont, TX 77701
(409) 838-0159

Beaumont Area Florists:

Bevil Of Beaumont Florist
3709 Concord Road, Beaumont, TX 77703
(409) 898-2117

Mc Cloney's Florist
2690 Park Street, Beaumont, TX 77701
(409) 838-6861

1990 Calder Street, Beaumont, TX 77701
(409) 835-3930

Johnsen's Wholesale Florist
1170 Lindbergh Drive, Beaumont, TX 77707
(409) 842-5044

A Rose & Bridal Gallery
2570 North 11th Street, Beaumont, TX 77703
(409) 898-8446

Kroger Floral Department
3845 Phelan Boulevard, Beaumont, TX 77707
(409) 833-3575

What To Do When a Loved One Dies — A Survivor’s Checklist

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Serving clients throughout Southeastern Texas, including Amelia, Beaumont, Bevil Oaks, Bridge City, Central Gardens, China, Fannett, Groves, Labelle, Lakeview, Lemonville, Mauriceville,  Nederland, Nome, Orange, Orangefield, Pine Forest, Port Acres, Port Arthur, Port Neches, Rose City, Rose Hill Acres,  Rosedale, Sabine, Sabine Pass, Sour Lake, Spindletop, Vidor, Viterbo and other communities in Jefferson County.

A Jefferson County wrongful death lawyer can help you get back on your feet after you have suffered a loss. Contact a Beaumont wrongful death attorney today to discuss your options.