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Beaumont Texas Tort Claims Act lawyers may pursue cases against state the Texas, the City of Beaumont or Jefferson County, Texas. In order to accomplish this task, they must follow the rules set forth in the Texas Tort Claims Act.

Texas Tort Claims Act Beaumont Attorneys

Subchapter A. General Provisions

Subchapter B. Tort Liability of Governmental Units

Subchapter C. Exclusions and Exceptions

Subchapter D. Procedures

  • Sec. 101.101. Notice


    Before the City of Beaumont shall be liable for personal injuries of any kind, the person injured or someone in his behalf shall give the City Council notice in writing of such injury within six (6) months after the same has been sustained, stating specifically in such notice when, where and how the injury occurred and the extent thereof, and the names and addresses of any person or persons, if any, witnessing the same, if such names and addresses can be ascertained by reasonable diligence. No officer or employee of the City shall have authority to waive any of the provisions of this section as to notice, but same may be waived only by a resolution of the City Council, made and passed before the expiration of the period herein provided, and evidenced by the minutes of the City Council. (Amended 4/5/86)

    State law references–Texas Tort Claims Act, V.T.C.A., Civil Practice and Remedies Code, ch. 101; notice procedures, V.T.C.A., Civil Practice and Remedies Code, sec. 101.101.

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Please visit our Federal Tort Claims Act Lawyer page for an understanding of the difference between the state action and the federal action.

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